Want to keep your child busy without screen time? Here’s a pediatrician’s guide to summer activities

School’s out for the summer, and children now have a lot of free time on their hands.

So, what are some ideas to keep them entertained?

Simply asking your child can be a good place to start.

“Talk to your kids about what they want to do. Sometimes you think something may be fun, but your kids have no interest. They could come up with something you hadn’t thought of before,” explained Dr. Gina Robinson, a pediatrician with Cleveland Clinic Children’s.

Along with being open to different ideas, Robinson said it’s important to encourage them to get outside.

An activity like playing at the park provides an opportunity for children to be active and allows them to socialize with others.

The best part is the park is free, and there are plenty of other summer activities to look out for on social media that won’t break the bank.

Robinson said taking your child to the library and letting them pick out a book can also help cure summer boredom and keep their minds sharp over break.

And although many children may just want to use a phone or tablet to pass the time, it’s important to set limits for them.

“Kids can use their screens for entertainment, but I also think you should set limits ahead of time,” Robinson said. “It’s easier to let kids know they have a certain amount of time rather than trying to stop them when they’re in the middle of something.”

Robinson added it’s helpful for parents to lead by example when it comes to screen time use.

Setting aside time to put down the phones and tablets and get outside as a family can help build that healthy habit for everyone this summer.

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