How we are using AI at Graham Media Group

How We Use AI

Content Creation and Curation: We use AI to assist in generating news summaries, identifying trending topics, and curating personalized content for our readers. AI algorithms analyze large volumes of information to highlight relevant news stories based on your interests.

Automated Reporting: We utilize AI to produce accurate and immediate coverage for specific types of data-driven stories, such as financial reports or sports results. These algorithms are designed to understand and convert data into readable articles. This content might be used for articles, descriptions or captions for videos, graphics or images, or comments. All automated reporting will be reviewed and edited before it is published.

Fact-Checking and Verification: In addition to traditional and rigorous means our journalists use to fact-check content, AI tools help us verify the authenticity of content, including images and videos. They assist in identifying potential misinformation and ensuring the accuracy of the information we publish.

Reader Engagement: AI enhances user experience on our website, including chatbots for customer service inquiries and algorithms that recommend articles tailored to individual reading habits.

Our Commitment

Transparency: We are transparent about using AI and its role in our news production process. While AI aids in efficiency and accuracy, our journalists always make final editorial decisions.

Ethical Considerations: We adhere to strict ethical guidelines in using AI, ensuring that it is used responsibly and does not compromise journalistic integrity or bias in our reporting.

Data Protection: We prioritize the privacy and security of our readers. Any personal data used to train our AI algorithms or to personalize content is handled in strict compliance with our privacy policy.

Accuracy and Accountability: Our editorial team monitors and reviews all AI-generated content to maintain our high standards of accuracy and reliability. We are committed to correcting any errors and being accountable for the content we publish.

Anthropomorphizing AI: We do not anthropomorphize AI. Although attributing human characteristics to AI can be engaging and amusing, such practices may lead to confusion and inadvertently ascribe undue merit to artificial entities.

Continuous Evaluation

We continuously evaluate our use of AI technologies to ensure they align with our mission to inform and delight our communities and maintain the standards of trust our communities have given us. We welcome feedback from our readers and are committed to adjusting our practices to serve you better.

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