About Milano Blackout

The first edition of Milano Blackout wants to give space and visibility to the cinema coming from all over the world.
Milano Blackout welcomes short and feature films of any genre and running time that have been produced from January 2016 up to the present day.

Milan is one of the largest cities in Italy with its 1,331 million inhabitants and it represents the capital of fashion and design.
In addition, it is a city where many cultural events take place every year, especially as far as cinema is concerned.

Milano Blackout, artistically organized by the Italian actor and dubber Giorgio Perno, serves the main purpose of increasing an already high number of independent films that reach our country every year and that are presented to an always attentive and demanding audience.

The finalists of Milano Blackout will compete to win an award in each category: Best feature film and Best short film.
The best actor, best actress and best director of Milano Blackout will also be awarded for each of the above-mentioned categories.

Milano Blackout is exclusive partner of TUC.